Sustainable Leadership Workshops

Together with Eva Lilløer, who is a leadership advisor and coach specialised in stress prevension, work-life and leadership, we have created a series of seminars called “Mind your Future”.

The seminars combine our areas of expertise and they build upon our model for Sustainable Leadership of the future.

With this approach we teach participants how we can continously stay high-performing at work via a focus on our own management of energy (physical and mental energy) and management of meaning (purpose, strengths, happiness).
The two-fold focus on energy and meaning are the crucial pillars for enabling a long-lasting work life where we can perform at our best while we are thriving.

The seminars contain new knowledge about the future mega-trends and micro-trends to give the participants new knowledge about how our work-life is going to change radically in the next 10 years, and how we as humans can adapt to meet the upcoming challenges and opportunities this brings.

This is seasoned with self-reflections, dialogues and practical take-home exercises, so the participants can continue the learning after the seminars.


Our work with Carlsberg Denmark





Carlsberg Denmark is one of our clients who have been taking their managers and employees through all our seminars.

Carlsberg Denmark has set a highly ambitious target of reaching 0% stress-realated sick leave. They acknowledge the fast and ever-changing world we live in today and have asked us to both inspire and equip their employees and managers to focus on their own health and wellbeing and help create a culture where this is as natural as delivering the day-to-day work.

Having taken all 120 leaders at Carlsberg Denmark through our leadership course and up to 100 employees through each of our breakfast seminars we have received incredibly positive feedback from both the top management team, the line managers and employees across the sites.


Mads Junget, Vice President HR, Carlsberg Denmark, says about our leadership and employee seminars:

Inspirational and important. We have had two parallel seminars with Karina and Eva (Lilleør red.) on personal sustainability. One for management and a series of six seminars for our employees. I have found the seminars both insightful and actionable at a leadership level as well as a personal level. 

For us as an organisation, Karina and Eva have inspired a new way of thinking personal sustainability. Their seminars and guidance have aided us in our journey towards creating a broader organisational focus on personal sustainability and towards reaching our highly ambitious target of 0% stress-related sickness among our employees. 

Because of their calm and professional approaches even when approaching difficult and sensitive topics, Eva and Karina have gained the confidence among our employees. Their expertise complements each other very well. I can warmly recommend them.“  

Mads Junget, Vice President HR, Carlsberg Denmark


We offer two types of seminars:

  1. For employees – with a personal, self-care perspective
  2. For managers – with a line management perspective

Employee Seminars

The “Mind your Future” employee seminars can be used as breakfast seminars for employees, and are based on the following topics which last 1,5 hours:

  1. Mind your Body
  2. Mind your Mind
  3. Mind your Self
  4. Mind your Colleague
  5. Mind your Purpose
  6. Mind your Device

The seminars are structured either as all-staff seminars or for a small group of employees.

All seminars can be followed independently.

Leadership Seminars

As a leader and manager your responsibility is twofold – to take care of your own sustainability as an individual while you also need to oversee the sustainability of your team within the cultural boundaries of your company/organisation.

Based on the same 6 topics as the employee seminars (see above) we have created a full day for leaders to dig into the topic of Sustainable Personal Leadership of the future. This is a day where we give the participants plenty of new inspiration and knowledge about what the future brings in terms of changes to work life, changes to work-life balance, performance, purpose at work, etc.

We give room for dialogues as well as individual and group exercises. This combination makes sure that you as a leader go home with a lot of new insights that you can apply directly in your daily life when you get back into your job.

If you are curious to know more about our seminars or how we would be able to help you and e.g. customise seminars that matches your specific needs you can contact Karina at: or +4560540901.