Strategic Seminars

I offer strategic trend inspiration in the form of talks, workshops and presentations for leadership groups related to the future of work, health and personal sustainability.

The topics focus on mega-trends and sub-trends related to the specific field you are working in.

This is for leadership groups e.g. in HR and at CXO level and can be done as an inspirational talk to kick-off the strategic leadership agenda or a presentation with build-in time for reflections and/or workshops.

I draw upon my experience as management consultant from McKinsey where I have worked with large and midsize companies and organisations internationally to help create strategic long-term changes.

With this I help companies and organisations to:

  • Inspire the strategic agenda for the upcoming years
  • Understand the future mega-trends and sub-trends that affects the needs, behaviour and demands of the employees or groups of stakeholders
  • Gain inspiration to create new futureproof initiatives
  • Predict and navigate future avoidable threats and futureproof existing initiatives

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, if you are curious about how I may be able to help you at +4560540901 or