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I offer inspirational talks and keynote speeches on topics related to the sustainable working life.

My current topics are:

    1. The focused work
    2. Physical health at work
    3. Social well-being at work
    4. Meaning, purpose and joy at work
    5. Mental energy at work
I can also customise my talks to your specific organisation and context for the talk.

Key take-aways from all the talks are:

    • Understanding of the scientific evidence as to why the topic is important for your performance and long-term well-being at work.
    • Future inspiration – insights into what trends make the topic of greater importance for a sustainable working life in the future.
    • Insights into what front-running companies, managers and employees do differently to foster better working conditions for personal sustainability.
    • Understanding of the typical barriers for reaching the potential behind the personal sustainability topic.
    • New knowledge, tips and tools to foster new habits for yourself and your team in the organisation in support for greater personal sustainability at work.


“Karina communicates really well and has taken us through mega-trends and what these means to us in a short time, despite being a big area to cover”
“Super good and to the point – with good references into other companies. Good knowledge database”
“Karina is very direct and has energy in her presentation”

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Please reach out to me, if you would like to hear more about which topics might be relevant to you or if you have any questions. or +4560540901.