Talk 5: Mental energy – your hidden reserve to success

Stress, anxiety and depression are forecasted to be the leading burdens of diseases in the industrialised countries by the World Health Organisation by 2030. More digitalised ways of working and cooperating, the introduction of artificial intelligence in the workplace, and the accelerating pace of changes, are all contributing to a greater need for us as individuals to sustain our mental energies at work. Yet, this is a new and often ‘fluffy’ area for many people and companies to actively address.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • Why your mental energy is important for your short- and long-term performance, well-being and sustainability.
  • Why preserving your mental energy will become more important in the future, and which trends are accelerating a need to take better care of your mental energy.
  • What frontrunning companies do to create a working culture in support of mental energy and mental health.
  • What you can do as a manager in the organisation to help foster a working culture in support for sustained mental energy.
  • How you can identify the hidden stressors and road blocks for sustaining your own mental energy at work and what you can do differently to create new healthier habits.

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