Talk 2: Health at work – Your physical energy as your partner

In the past decades we have been used to believing that our bodies were like machines we could learn to steer and master in certain ways to achieve our goals. This, often at the cost of sleep, work-life-balance, unhealthy ways of eating, and unconducive ways of treating each other. This belief is nearing its end, and the 2020’s is about understanding how our bodies can work FOR us in the best possible way to help us achieve our goals, perform at work and lead each other, in a long-term sustainable way.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • Why your physical health is important for your short- and long-term performance, well-being and sustainability at work.
  • What future trends are shaping the way we perceive and address physical health at work.
  • What frontrunning companies do differently to support a working culture, where individual health is not at the cost of performance, but where these areas go hand in hand as mutual enablers.
  • How you can identify the typical barriers to reaching a healthy working life
  • What you can do as manager in the organisation for your team to help foster a healthier working culture.
  • What you can do yourself to create healthier personal habits in support of stronger long-term health.

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