The way I work with you will typically follow 5 phases:

  1. Aspiration

  • Firstly, we create a joint picture of the desired outcome and end state for your organisation.
  • You get inspiration from initiatives in other companies, who are leading in the field of sustainable working conditions to help guide your aspiration.
  1. Diagnosis
  • You will get a better understanding of the current conditions for sustainability, well-being and performance in your organisation.
  • This gives you an overview of barriers and potential opportunities.
  • Combined with your aspiration this will help you decide what focus areas we will address together in the following process.
  1. Initiative building
  • Based on the identified barriers and opportunities we will build initiatives into a program specifically designed for the needs of your organisation.
  • Then it is time for you to communicate the process to your employees to help create commitment and address any questions they may have for the process.
  1. Implementation
  • Together we work with your employees to implement the initiatives and start creating the organisational changes in your focus areas.
  • This is when it gets real, it requires an effort and focus but you will also start to feel the changes and effects of the initiatives.
  1. Anchoring
  • Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that the initiatives are integrated into your culture in the long-run, so the changes are sustained. Therefore, we do follow-ups with check-in on the status, we get feedback and we do the necessary adjustment of initiatives to ensure the effort pays off and that the changes will stick in the organisation.