What is coaching?

Coaching is a forward-looking process with the aim of helping you change and progress in the areas of your life that are important for you.

My role as a coach is to help you forward and reach your potential, your goals and dreams. In the process I can help you define goals and sub-goals, unluck unproductive patterns, shine light on your own resources, structure and challenge your thinking and support you through out the process.

The most important thing for a good coaching relationship is that you feel ready for a positive change, as you will be “driving the car”. As the co-driver, I can help you navigate through the journey and help you access new gears in your car. 

“For a long time, I have considered finding a coach, as I had the feeling that I have a capacity that has not yet been utilized as well as a need to sharpen up how I spend my time, my life and my priorities. My coaching with Karina have been extremely useful, as I have both identified negative patterns behind my actions as well as found concrete methods for breaking the patterns. I really appreciate that we have worked on both an abstract and a concrete level.”
Woman, Chief Executive Officer, Denmark

What topics can you be coached on?

Most of my clients come to me with an idea about a personal or professional topic they would like coaching on.

The topic can be broad and overwhelming to get started on, or perhaps you simply haven’t had the time or resources to get started.

You may feel unsure about how to approach your topic or you don’t know what goal is right for you. Perhaps you haven’t got the progress you had hoped for, or you may even feel demoralised about reaching your desired outcome.

The topics I have coached people on are varied in nature and include personal development, leadership development, life balance, well-being management, and life direction.

You don’t need to have a pre-defined topic or goal before contacting me. I will help you define it in the free introductory session.

The coachings have helped me better understand myself and developed my confidence as a people leader.

Woman, Client & Team Leader, UK