What is a coaching process?

In the first free introductory session, we will zoom in on your specific topic, and I will help you understand your needs and motivations for the coaching.

Coaching is a co-creative partnership, where the process is customised based on your current needs and learning style.

My coaching method is scientifically grounded and centered around validated coaching techniques. This includes various questioning techniques and evidence-based coaching exercises with the aim of unlocking your potential and access new pathways of thinking. 

I also offer to use positive psychology interventions customised to your needs. This can include working more deeply with your strengths, identifying your signature stengths and how you can applying these in new ways. Positive psychology interventions are used to enhance your well-being in support of your optimal performance and goal-achievement – not at the cost of well-being. 

In the first sessions, I will help you define a goal for your coaching and a clear vision for your outcome. In each session we will define a session-goal based on your actual needs. For example you may want to uncover underlying root causes of what holds you back, as an effective way to fast-track your progression. Perhaps you want to uncover your strenghts and tap into non-utilised resources. In each session, we will cover what is most relevant for you in the given moment. 

After each session, I will ask for your session learnings to help you carve out your key take-aways. To adapt my coaching approach to your learning style, wants and needs, I will also ask for your feedback after the session.

“The coachings have given me a sense of clarity in who I am as a person, where I want to go, and who I want to be. I have also become happier in myself since the coaching sessions. Karina was excellent at helping me work towards sub-goals to make my overall goal more manageable and realistic.”

Woman, Head of People & Operations, UK

Where are the coachings taking place?

The coaching sessions are either taking place digitally at your preferred platform (Zoom, Teams, Skype, FaceTime), via physical meetings at my premises at Charlottenlund Slot or at your preferred location.

How many sessions do you need?

You can come to me for a single session, to gain clarity for example, or for a number of sessions dependent on how far away from your current reality your desired outcome is.

You can see the different coaching options and packages here.

“The coachings have been my opportunity to stop and reflect on where my life and career are headed. Having to deal with questions like “what do I want?” can be overwhelming and the coachings have given me the support to answer these question.”

Man, Senior Consultant, Denmark

Free introductory session

I offer a free introductory session on the phone.

The purpose of the introductory session is to decide if I am right coach for you. In this session we discuss your topic, we align expectations, you get a feel for who I am as a coach,  how I work, and you can ask me the questions you need.