Anchoring is probably one of the hardest parts of the process. Here, it is about tracking the status of the initiatives, getting feedback and acting upon it, while keeping up the spirit for the new habits to make them stick.

An approach I use to help making the changes an integrated part of the organisational culture is “Centered Leadership”. This is based upon McKinsey & Co.’s approach to creating and sustaining organisational health, which is originally developed by McKinsey Consultants Joanna Barsh & Susie Cranston1 .

Centered Leadership rests upon the simple idea that we as leaders in our own life can lead ourself and take accountability for our personal and professional growth.

Furthermore, if you are a team leader or senior executive with responsibility for a team or the broader organisation, you have an extra layer of responsibility towards others.

Dependent on your level of responsibility in the organisation, there are a number of things that can help you approach the change and increase the likelihood of success.

As individual

  • Use a personal vision as self-motivation
  • Commit to change and grab the new opportunities as they arise
  • Take personal responsibility, regulate own mindset and behaviour
  • Be prepared to leave one’s comfort zone

As team leader

  • To own the process and support the new behaviour via
  • Creating trust in the process and motivating your team
  • Facilitating support (team dialogues, weekly meetings, coaching, etc.) and turn difficult situations into opportunities
  • Creating a safe space for self-awareness and new skills mastery

Remember, you are also role model towards the organisation for the new desired behaviour.

Leader in the organisation

  • To communicate an inspiring story of change
  • To identify and help shift dynamics towards increased responsibility
  • To engage other stakeholders as needed
  • Ensure that everyone is aware of their own responsibilities

Remember, you are also role model towards the organisation for the new desired behaviour.

  1. Source: Joanna Barsh & Susie Cranston 2009: “How Remarkable Women Lead – The Breakthrough Model for Work and Life”

Other sources on Centered Leadership:

  • Joanna Barsh & Johanne Layoie, 2014: “Centered Leadership – Leading with Purpose, Clarity, and Impact”
  • Read more on McKinsey’s approach to Centered Leadership here