My name is Karina Kaae. I advise in the sustainable working life, where we as individuals are able to perform, while we thrive and ultimately flourish in the long-run.

My vision is to inspire and prepare employees, organisations and companies for a more sustainable working life where work doesn’t compromise on health and wellbeing.

I do this by offering 4 things:

  • Workshops and seminars – I offer practical workshops and seminars to managers and employees on how to focus on employee sustainability, well-being and performance.
  • Coaching – I offer individual and group coaching with the purpose of reaching individual goals to promote personal and professional wellbeing and development.
  • Consulting – I offer a structured, customised process to help you obtain more sustainable working conditions for your employees. I help diagnose the most important areas in your unique organisation, and I help with a simple, structured process with specific tools to help your organisation move towards greater employee sustainability.
  • Inspirational speeches – on sustainable working life trends, and how frontrunning companies operate in new and more sustainable ways, and what we can learn from these already today.


Professional background – McKinsey & Co. and organisational changes

Originally, I have a background from McKinsey & Co. where I worked as a management consultant advising in strategic changes and organisational development in Denmark and in other European countries.

I often get asked how McKinsey match a sustainable working life. It should come as no surprise, that I definitely worked a lot while being with McKinsey. I am incredible thankful for being able to take three overall things with me from my time there:

  • A valuable toolkit to help facilitate changes in companies – this includes understanding the dynamics behind organisational cultures, the parameters behind organisational health, doing sound analysis and problem-solving, and being able to work with a wide variety of people at all leadership levels across a wide array of organisations.
  • Having been a part of a truly high-performing culture from the inside, I’ve got incredible insights into what aspects of personal sustainability and leadership promotes high performance and well-being in a culture, and what aspects counteracts it.
  • A personal wakeup call on how I want to conduct my own working life. McKinsey gave me the gift of a personal wakeup call and insights into which elements that helps promote and counteract my own sustainability. This sparked my own passion for the area and kick-started my journey towards experimenting with new ways of working and living more sustainably. A journey, I take a lot of personal joy in, with no definite destination and which makes me curious to understand and share the latest science available as well as practical advices from the global frontrunners in the field.

In a few words, my time at McKinsey sparked my long-term passion for understanding how we as individuals can thrive and not just survive in our working lives and how a company culture can work as a facilitator of that.

Educational background – MSc. Organisational Communication and Positive Psychology

Educational background – MSc. Organisational Communication and Positive Psychology

My educational background is from Copenhagen Business School where I have a MSc. in Organisational Communication and International Business.

At the moment, I take a MSc. from The University of East London in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, to get a deeper understanding of the latest science behind the mechanisms that promotes well-being for individuals and groups of people.

Positive psychology is a relatively new field within psychology. Whereas the clinical psychology, in simple terms, focuses on taking an individual from a negative state to a neutral baseline state, the positive psychology focuses on taking the individual from a baseline level to a more positive state of thriving and ultimately flourishing.

Would you like to know more about what I do, or how we can work together, you can contact me at or give me a call at +4560540901 (Mon-Fri 8.30-14.00).