My name is Karina Kaae and I’m a futurist, company advisor and speaker specialised in the future of health and personal sustainability.

I work with companies and organisations to share new knowledge and inspire their strategic agenda and approach to personal leadership.

Healthy and sustainable living are macro trends which bring unseen strategic and health economic opportunities. Opportunities, that businesses and organisations can tap into already today.

Within the space of health and personal sustainability my topics of expertise among others include the future of work, work-life balance, performance, purpose and meaning, mental health, physical health, healthy digitalisation and social relations.

I have a background as McKinsey consultant, where I’ve learnt the art of thought-leadership and worked with long-term strategic planning, organisational change management with leaders at all levels.

With a passion for understanding future trends and human behaviour, the question I am constantly solving for is – How will we live in the future? How will our surroundings, businesses and organisations help contribute to creating more healthy and sustainable lives while balancing the interests of the people, planet and profit.

Would you like to know more about what I do or how we can work together, please follow me on LinkedIn, check out my offerings on this site or give me a call at +4560540901.