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In these challenging times with the COVID-19 virus, it naturally causes a lot of fear in many of us. We don’t yet know what the consequences of the virus will be, neither at a personal level or for the greater society.

Besides taking the important precautions to not spread the virus, we can actually be mindful of #CultivatingPositiveEmotions inside ourselves - simply because positive emotions have the potential to help protect us from viruses.

A ground-breaking experiment by PhD Sheldon Cohen from Carnegie Mellon University, has shown that people who experienced higher levels of positive emotions were more resistant and showed less severe regular flu symptoms than those that displayed less positive emotions (Cohen et al. 2003). This was based on 334 participants who got a common cold virus squirted into their noses and then isolated into cleared hotel rooms to wait for symptoms. The conclusion was clear - #PositiveEmotions have beneficial effects on the #ImmuneSystem functioning.

But, how can we then cultivate positive emotions in these highly disruptive times?

Here, I share 9 examples for you to gain inspiration from♥


What do you do yourself to boost your positive feelings during these stressful times?
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8 Trends Transforming Our Working Lives in the 2020s

Figuratively the 2020s is a huge catapult. A catapult decade that will accelerate the changes that have already started. Megatrends, such as artificial intelligence, the climate crisis, ageing population, mental health issues and purpose at work, will create strong waves in the ocean of how we work. Progressive people, businesses and organisations at all levels…

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11 skills you need in your future job

11 skills you need in your future job

As a futurist and company advisor in the future sustainable life, I have summarised what I believe are some of the most critical skills to train already today, if we want to stay fit in the future job market. Because, when artificial intelligence moves into our jobs, when the freelance economy booms and when stress,…

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Digital Detox

Digital detox Unintendedly, our smartphones steal much of our presence. They lower the quality of our lives, simply because we have not yet learnt to create the necessary boundaries between online and offline. If you like me feel that your smartphone ends up stealing valuable time and mental space, you are not alone, but part…

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The Sleep Renaissance

The Sleep Renaissance Imagine going to a weekly sleep fitness class, seeing your personal sleep consultant and taking a nap in the sleep capsule at work while you get a monetary “sleep bonus” from your employer. In the future, sleep will no longer be stigmatised as something for the weak, but rather something for the…

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