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I offer talks, seminars and workshops about any given subject related to the future of sustainable living, health and wellness. 

Based on your needs I customise a format and content that fit your specific situation. 

If you book at talk with me, you will get

  • Inspirational and visionary thinking
  • Insights that are fresh, fact-based and founded in latest global research
  • New ideas, actionable key takeaways, and a positive steppingstone to face tomorrow

Examples of topics relevant for professionals in human resources, leadership groups, industry organisations etc.:

  • The future of work – how will we organise our work, manage talent, rethink our career and work-life-balance in the future?
  • The social enterprise and purpose at work – how purpose and meaning is a key parameter for the future society, entreprise and employee
  • Physical and mental health of the future – how will we manage our health from a personal lifestyle and employer perspective
  • The digital lifestyle of the future – how healthy digital navigation is a growing need for a sustainable lifestyle in the future

Examples of topics relevant for professionals in marketing, innovation and sales, leadership groups, industry organisations etc.:

  • Health trends towards 2023
  • The Sleep Renaissance – A new health trend, growth industry and performance tool at work
  • The future health-conscious consumer personas
  • Sustainability and luxury branding – how does the odd pair match?
  • Healthy food trends 2023
  • The alcohol industry and healthy living
  • Do YOU have another topic of concern?
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Please reach out to me, if you would like to hear more about which topics might be relevant to you or if you have any questions. or +4560540901.