Sustainable Lead helps with everything from “light inspiration” via talks, to reports and tailored consulting.

My clients range from businesses/organisations who are just curious about what the future brings to organisations in need for more targeted advice to stay or become at the forefront in their industry when it comes to enabling a sustainable lifestyle for their target group.


Are your working at management level in HR, and can you answer the following questions?

  • Are you prepared for the future of work?
  • How will you organise work differently, lead talent and create sustainable work-life-balances for your employees?
  • How do you create a meaningful workplace surounded by purpose for your employees?
  • Which healthy organisational trends do you need to be a step ahead of to prevent stress, maximise wellbeing and productivity?
  • Which threats does the sustainable and healthy lifestyle trends bring to your organisation and how can you prepare already today?

Are your working at management level, in strategy or marketing, and can you answer the following questions?

  • What drives the health-conscious consumers of tomorrow?
  • How is your brand relevant to the future consumer?
  • Which healthy mega trends do you need to be a step ahead of?
  • Which potential sustainable lifestyle threats do you need to safeguard your business from?
  • Which untapped product potentials does the future hold in your industry?

Healthy, sustainable lifestyle is a mega trend that disrupts human behavior, consumer demand and the legal framework across industries.
It leads to unseen threats and new opportunities for how we organise our society, work and private lives, and how we develop, market and sell new products.