Can you answer the following questions?

  • What drives the health-conscious consumers of tomorrow?
  • How is your brand relevant to the future consumer?
  • Which healthy mega trends do you need to be a step ahead of?
  • Which potential sustainable lifestyle threads do you need to safeguard your business from?
  • Which untapped product potentials does the future hold in your industry?

Healthy, sustainable lifestyle is a megatrend that disrupts the consumer behavior, demand and legal framework across industries.
It leads to unseen threats and new opportunities for product development, marketing and sales.

I offer tailored consulting based on the specific needs of your business/organisation.
Building upon my experience as management consultant from McKinsey I offer strategic, fact-based advices focusing on measurable value creation for your business/organisation.

Examples of advisory

  • Tailored trend inspiration or trend briefs
  • Tailored strategic advice in the form of future scenarios and action planning
  • Mapping the target audience of the future
  • Identification of new strategic opportunities, growth pockets, product development and adaptations
  • Market strategy, competitor analysis and future product strategy
  • Branding and emotional adaptation of the brand to the future target group

So, how can Sustainable Lead help me?

Sustainable Lead can help you to

  • Predict sustainable consumer trends for profit in your industry and unlock the future growth pockets
  • Gain inspiration to new product development
  • Understand the future health conscious consumer personas, needs, behavior and demands
  • Predict and navigate the future avoidable threats affecting sustainable lifestyle
  • Futureproof your existing products, services and marketing initiatives
  • Contribute to or shape the leading sustainable agenda in your industry

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, if you would like to know more about how I can help you at or +4560540901.