What is Sustainable Lead?

Sustainable Lead is a consultancy, advising businesses and organisations in the future trends in the areas of sustainable lifestyle, health and wellness.

As a futurist specialised in sustainable lifestyle I share the latest future insights and the sustainable lifestyle and consumer trends that affect human living and consumption. I help translate these into new organisational and strategic opportunities for businesses or organisations.

The aim is to ultimately help businesses, organisations and government agencies create futureproof environments, products and services in support for a sustainable lifestyle for their organisational members and target groups.

How is Sustainable Lead different?

Sustainable Lead operates in the intersection between future studies and management consulting.

With a professional background as management consultant from McKinsey & Co. I advise businesses and organisations at a strategic level with sound business judgement. I use a structured, data-driven approach combined with a strong intrinsic eye for social behavior, consumption and trends.   

Having worked with strategic change management and business strategy in McKinsey I have a strong toolbox with skills in analysis, project management and the ability to work effectively with people and change processes across the organisation.



What does the name Sustainable Lead mean?

“Sustainable” refers to the long-lasting perspective as well as the long-lasting conditions for the individual to keep up a healthy lifestyle on an on-going basis.

“Lead” refers to a hint about the future, to being guided into the future and to ultimately gain a lead – a sustainable lead.