My background

With a passion for understanding future trends, human behavior and sustainable living, the question I am constantly solving for is – How will we live more sustainably in the future? How can and will our surroundings, businesses and organisations help contribute to creating more sustainable and healthy lifestyles?

Sustainable and healthy lifestyle is a macro trend which brings unseen strategic and health economic opportunities. Opportunities, that businesses and organisations can tap into already today.

I have a background from McKinsey & Co., where I have learnt the art of thought-(provoking) leadership, strategic thinking and driving organisational change. Later, having worked in London in the consumer goods industry with line management responsibility, I have obtained a great deal of pragmatism too to lead internal changes.
Combining my expertise in strategic and organisational advisory with my long-term passion for future studies and sustainable and healthy lifestyle, I offer specialised expertise to help businesses and organisations becoming a step ahead in this area.


What I do

I help companies and organisations understand the future of sustainable and healthy living, and how new opportunities can create better organisations, products and services for their organisational members and target groups. This is strategic opportunities with health benefits.
I offer talks, reports and tailored consulting –  for organisations who are just curious about what the future brings, and for organisations who want to take the next step and be at the forefront in their industry.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, at +4560540901 or,  if you want to know more about how I can help you, or how we can cooperate.