Sustainable Lead offers inspirational talks about subjects related to the future of sustainable living, health and wellness. The talks are always customised to fit your specific needs.


Tailored reports on topics concerning the future of sustainable lifestyle, health and wellness. The trend reports concern a specific topic, industry, category or target group or span these areas.


Targeted strategic consulting based on your business needs. Trend inspiration, identification of growth pockets, new product development, scenario planning, future customer segmentation and brand strategy.

  • Need help unlocking the future healthy opportunities in your industry?

    Working across industries I have experience from e.g. consumer goods, retail, pharma, med-tech, transportation, telecommunications, raw materials and engineering. The interesting thing is how the future trends of sustainable lifestyle, health and wellness penetrates all industries and brings new opportunities and threats across the value chains.

    Want to understand the future profitable consumer trends in your industry?

Past experience includes

McKinsey & Co.
Boston University
Regent’s University

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Digital Detox – Is your Christmas break also a digital break?

Is your Christmas break also a digital break? With the holiday season just around the corner, our expectations for quality time with family and friends and true presence are high. But what about one of your most intimate friends, your smartphone, have you decided if he is invited to join the party? Unintendedly, our smartphones…

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The Sleep Renaissance

The Sleep Renaissance Imagine going to a weekly sleep fitness class, seeing your personal sleep consultant and taking a nap in the sleep capsule at work while you get a monetary “sleep bonus” from your employer. In the future, sleep will no longer be stigmatised as something for the weak, but rather something for the…

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4 healthy food and drinks trends to watch in 2018

4 healthy food and drinks trends to watch in 2018 It’s the beginning of the year and this means new intentions for many consumers for healthier food and drinks choices. At Sustainable Lead we look at the top 4 healthy food and drinks trends that will leave their impressions on front-of-the curve consumers in 2018. This may serve…

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